Gentle Jungle Fabric Collection by Nadia Kronfli

Gentle Jungle Fabric Collection by Nadia Kronfli

2nd Nov 2023

Join us in welcoming Nadia Kronfli, a self-taught artisan whose lifelong passion for bold colors and captivating patterns are in full bloom in "Gentle Jungle," Nadia's first fabric collection with The Textile District! With Tucson, Arizona as her home, Nadia draws inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and expresses them in her signature style.

Nadia's love of textiles began in her teenage years when she first picked up a needle and thread. Sewing quickly became her creative outlet, fueling her desire to craft unique clothing and enhance her living spaces with bespoke accessories.

However, it was the evolution of digital textile printing on demand that catapulted Nadia into the world of custom fabrics. This revolutionary medium allowed her to design and craft her own wardrobe with unparalleled freedom and flair. What began as a pastime transformed into an all-consuming passion, driven by her enduring love for rich, intense hues and unapologetically bold patterns.

When summer arrives, Nadia travels to the United Kingdom, a place close to her heart. There, she immerses herself in the world of museums and exhibitions, each visit serving as a wellspring of creativity, enriching her artistry in unexpected ways.

Beyond her remarkable textile work, Nadia is a seasoned traveler, a dedicated painter, an avid reader, a swimming enthusiast, and a gardening aficionado. Her favorite colors ebb and flow with the changing seasons, reflecting her deep connection with nature and her surroundings.

Nadia draws inspiration from the words of Joan MirĂ³, who once said, "I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music." Her artistic philosophy embraces the power of color and design to convey a narrative and evoke emotion.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Nadia Kronfli's latest collection, "Gentle Jungle," exclusively available on The Textile District. This collection is a testament to her ingenuity, offering a fresh perspective on the world of custom fabrics. Dive into "Gentle Jungle" and explore the harmonious blend of color and design that defines Nadia Kronfli's artistic signature.

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Poppies - Floral Fabric by the Yard

Spring Leaves - Floral Fabric by the Yard

Tossed Poppies - Floral Fabric by the Yard

Wavy Spots - Geometric Fabric by the Yard

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