Fabric Swatch Kit - 5" x 5" Unprinted Samples

Ground Fabric Swatch Kit

See and feel the quality and texture of The Textile District's ground fabric options! Kit includes a 5” x 5” unprinted sample of each ground fabric we offer, plus a coupon off your first custom printed fabric order.

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The Textile District custom prints fabric by the yard in the designs, colorways, and ground fabric options you choose! Each fabric has been carefully chosen to ensure the final printed product meets the highest quality standards whether you are creating apparel or a home decoration project. Price per yard adjusts based on the ground fabric you choose, with 16+ options including silk, cotton, polyester, and linen.

  • Select the ground fabric type
  • Choose a colorway
  • Enter the quantity you need
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OEKO-TEX® certified process. Colorfast, fiber reactive dyes and eco-friendly finishing process ensure excellent print clarity, vibrant colors and soft finish.

All fabrics print to order in the USA and arrive rolled flat on a tube so there are no folds or creases to iron out or work around. You receive selvage-to-selvage quality-printed color fast fabric by the yard.

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