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Designer Fabrics for Home Decor to Apparel

The Textile District's digital print-on-demand process provides unparalleled flexibility to sustainably print fabrics to suit your exact yardage you need for every project, large or small! As a final touch, our OEKO-TEX® certified process produce vibrant, soft, and colorfast fabric that is production-ready.

With the diversity of ground fabrics we offer, you can pick any design and print it on the base fabric that is suitable for the climate and time of year... as far in advance as you want! You can even create coordinating accessories for an entire event. We make fabric shopping fun, freeing you to use your imagination to create something that is special and unique to you.

We constantly monitor trends and colors to ensure we bring a fresh new twist to popular favorites, as well as bring new prints and inspiration to the fashion and home textile consumer. We hope you enjoy!

Our ground fabrics are specifically selected to complement our high quality standards and exceptional printing/finishing technology to ensure customer satisfaction with the end products produced with our fabrics. Our eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX® certified process and colorfast, fiber reactive dyes ensure excellent print clarity, vibrant colors and soft finish! As a finishing touch, we steam, wash and dry all natural fibers to create production-ready fabric by the yard for apparel and fashion accessories, home decor, upholstery and furniture restoration, quilting, and more!

If you need assistance finding a pattern to fit your style or help choosing a base fabric, please contact us. We're happy to help!

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