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The Textile District is beyond thrilled to work with the many talented artists, illustrators, painters and photographers across the United States and beyond! Their unique works of art combined with our broad selection of beautiful fabrics and advanced digital fabric printing process, The Textile District opens the door to endless creativity and inspiration — for custom made clothing and fashion accessories to upholstery, home decorating, quilting, crafts and more!

Each design professional brings a unique approach to color, design and style, and when coupled our wide range of base fabrics, you get to create custom printed fabric by the yard that is perfect for your project at hand!! We hope you enjoy learning more about the design professionals who work with The Textile District, and shopping their beautiful fabric collections! Each design is digitally stored and available for custom fabric printing on any base fabric you choose! Be sure to create an online account so you can save your favorites to project wish lists for fast and easy shopping!

WildNut Studios

bio profile Martha Oringa, WildNut Studios

We are thrilled to welcome Martha Oringo, the creative force behind the "Flower Power" fabric collection and the founder of WildNut Studios, a African textile studio based in Kampala, Uganda. Martha seamlessly blends traditional African textile craftsmanship with contemporary styling, resulting in a vibrant and versatile collection suitable for both apparel and interior design. Whether you're seeking to adorn your home with authentic African decor or make a bold fashion statement, WildNut Studios offers a diverse range of textiles and surface design patterns to suit every taste and occasion. Join us on a journey of discovery as we weave together tradition and innovation to create timeless pieces that celebrate the spirit of Africa.

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Isabel Isaza Patterns

bio profile Isabel Isaza Patterns

Join us as we introduce Isabel Isaza, the artist behind Isabel Isaza Patterns and the the "Anthurium" tropical print fabric collection now available on The Textile District! This bold and bright botanical themed collection features eight designs in multiple colorways each including jewel tone shades of teals and green, ruby red and tangerine orange, mustard gold and orchid and lavender purple. Each custom print on any base fabric you choose so you can create the fabrics you need to fit your style and project needs.

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Cat Spring Art

bio profile Cat Spring Art

Join us as we introduce Debby McLaughlin, the artist behind Cat Spring Art and the the "Morgana" floral design collection now available on The Textile District! This floral themed collection features eight designs in three colorways each including rich shades of greens and blues, plum and purple, and earthy warm shades of golden mustard, dusty peach, and rusty reds. Each custom print on any base fabric you choose so you can create the fabrics you need to fit your style and project needs.

"I am a mixed media artist and surface pattern designer based in Texas. After a successful career in the tech industry as a software project manager, I have transitioned to a role of hands-on creativity. As a surface pattern designer I have combined my love of design, color and textiles with the technical skills of digital illustration.

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Mackenzie Nelson Art

bio profile Mackenzie Nelson Art

We are thrilled to introduce Mackenzie Nelson, the artist behind Mackenzie Nelson Art and the "Papillon" design collection now available on The Textile District! This sweet botanical and butterflies themed collection features twelve designs in multiple colorways from soft pinks, peach, buttery yellow, sunset orange and greens to warm and cozy earth tones! Perfect for interior design to clothing, gifts, and accessories, this versatile collection has a timeless appeal just in time for all of your Spring/Summer sewing and crafting projects.

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Jasmine Goodwin Designs

bio profile Jasmine Goodwin Designs

We are thrilled to welcome Jasmine Goodwin, the artist behind Jasmine Goodwin Designs and several lovely collections now available on The Textile District! We hope you will enjoy exploring Jasmine's lovely collections, including Julie's Garden, Nostalgia Reverie, and her first collection called "Surfside!" Each custom print on any base fabric you choose, creating project perfect fabrics for home decor to clothing and accessories for adults and kids alike!

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Nadia Kronfli Designs

bio profile Nadia Kronfli Designs

Join us in welcoming Nadia Kronfli, a self-taught artisan whose lifelong passion for bold colors and captivating patterns are in full bloom in "Gentle Jungle," Nadia's first fabric collection with The Textile District! With Tucson, Arizona as her home, Nadia draws inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and expresses them in her signature style.

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Zohra Designs

bio profile Zohra Designs

Join us in welcoming Zohra, the artist behind Zohra Designs and the "La Douceur" collection now available on The Textile District! This beautiful collection is available in three colorways, so whether you prefer bold and vibrant tones, soft and soothing hues, or something in between, "La Douceur" has it all! We've presented each design by colorway theme so that you can see how beautifully they mix and match for building a lovely outfit or decorating an entire room. Choose the designs and colorways you love, and print on the base fabric that fits your project needs!

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Hayley Ann Design

bio profile Hayley Ann Design

We are thrilled to introduce Hayley Belisle, the artist behind Hayley Ann Design and creator of the "Desert West" fabric collection now available on The Textile District! Hayley Ann is a Surface Pattern Designer and lifelong creative. Her work is heavily inspired by nature which she attributes to her extravagant childhood explorations. Creating and exploring have been constant throughout her life and now Hayley continues to adventure with her husband and two little girls in the Pacific Northwest using the inspiration she gathers along the way to create her organic and textured designs.

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bio profile sweetbunnyarts

Join us in welcoming Zainab Yaseen, the artist behind Designs by SweetbunnyArtsand creator of the "Sweet Dreams" fabric collection now available on The Textile District! Zainab began sculpting at the age of 13, and has been creating ever since, specializing in creating lovely floral and nature-inspired jewelry and art. Her inspiration comes from nature, flowers, and travel experiences. Zainab loves finding ways to incorporate nature into her designs, using soft and warm colors.

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Thinkling Creative

bio profile thinkling creative

If you love geometrics, you are going to love the collections created by Thinkling Creative! This bright and cheerful design brand is the brainchild of Claire, a UK-based graphic and surface pattern designer. Following a long career in stationery design, Claire decided to follow her passion of surface pattern design, setting up Thinkling Creative in 2019. Somewhere amid the piles of sketchbooks, Claire has found her own unique style, somewhat abstract, somewhat loose, but always fun! We invite you to explore Claire's "Valian Collection" which includes eight patterns in fresh, contemporary colorways suitable for apparel to home decor! Simply choose the pattern and colorway option you love, and print on the base fabric to suit your exact project needs.

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Jenny Marie Designs

bio profile jenny marie designs

Jenny Marie with Jenny Marie Designs, a surface pattern designer based in Anchorage, Alaska. Inspired by nature, Jenny loves being in her garden, exploring the world just outside her door, and traveling across the country. You’ll generally find her with a hot cup of coffee in a local bakery, or curled up on the couch with slippers and a quilt. With a love for simple design, Jenny's style evokes calm with her brush textures and color harmonies as found in her "Summer Sundays" collection. Available in three colorways collections that inspire serenity and happiness: Daydream, Golden, and Wonder. Each custom prints on any base fabric you choose, from silk to canvas, to create fabrics suitable for any project need!

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chimesdesign Fabrics

bio profile chimesdesign

Calee Ceconni with chimesdesign is a designer, multimedia artist, educator, and aspiring bass player who works and plays in the fields they love most: Art and Design -- the blurred line between those worlds is where she thrives!

Calee loves to design surface patterns, make art, code, craft, listen to and play music, and spend time outdoors. She’s in her happiest place when they get to combine all of these things! If you love geometrics and bold colors, you are going to love browsing her collection! Each design is available in multiple colorways and organized in three color stories for easy mixing and matching: Earthy Neutrals, Colorful Funghi, and Tie Dye! Choose your favorites and print to order on any base fabric we carry to create the perfect fabrics for your next sewing and decorating project!

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Blue Bee Studios

bio profile Blue Bee Studios

Sue Krizman is the artist and digital designer behind Blue Bee Studios. Sue is an award-winning visual artist living in Cleveland, Ohio. With over 25 years of experience working in the advertising industry as an art director/creative director, Sue recently turned her sunroom into an art studio, and is now branching out as a surface pattern designer creating collections that bring joy and inspiration that are both functional and beautiful! Since joining The Textile District's designer program, Sue has launched two beautiful collections that are offered in carefully curated colorway options that are perfect for apparel, quilting, home decor, and upholstery! Choose your favorites to print by the yard on any base fabric we carry (or sample them in Fat Quarter bundles on our premium cotton quilting fabric!).

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See Three Studios

bio profile See Three Studios

Join us as we welcome Sarah Weerth Pinkerton, the artist and creator behind See Three Studiosand the "Desert Springs" fabric collection -- working from her design studio based in Bucerías, Mexico, Sarah draws on her surroundings to inspire her signature blend of punchy colors and vibrant patterns: "Behind breeze block walls, under swooping butterfly roofs, poolside cocktails flow. This is classic Palm Springs: mid century patterns warmed by the colors of the desert." Since graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a fine arts degree, Sarah has been a freelance designer and teaching artist for 25 years. She currently works in a digital mixed media style - with collage & printmaking her go-to analog mediums. She can always be found with a camera in hand, finding inspiration in nature and history.Sarah's designs are available as fabric by the yard, so you can add a pop of texture and color to your wardrobe or decorate your home to fit your unique style!

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Monica Kapur

bio profile monica kapur

Monica Kapur is a fine artist and digital designer based in Delhi, India and the creator behind Art by Monica Kapur. Monica's beautiful style combines her love of color and the natural world to create designs that are both functional and beautiful! When combined with The Textile District's high resolution digital textile printing and vibrant, color fast fiber reactive dyes, the creative opportunities are endless! Each design is digitally stored and always available to print on any base fabric you choose. As a final touch, our reactive dyes and eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX® certified process produces beautiful, soft and colorfast fabrics that are perfect for apparel to home decor! If you are looking for unique inspiration for your next home decor project or apparel, look no further than Monica's fabric collections!

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J Marie Creates

bio profile j marie creates

Julianne Haness of J Marie Creates is a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer based just outside of Los Angeles, CA. Julianne earned her Bachelor's in Creative Writing all while doodling away in her notebooks, and quickly realized the visual arts was more her speed. A portrait artist and muralist of over 20 years, Julianne began her surface pattern design journey in 2020 when quarantine forced everyone to find a new hobby. A Southern California native, Julianne entertains a deep love for vintage colors, beachy florals, and quirky animals as exampled in the tropical florals, botanicals, and animal print fabric designs in her first collection here on The Textile District. She enjoys creating artwork that can be a bit classy, a bit cute, and sometimes a bit weird (her words!). The creative opportunities are endless when you can print any design on any base fabric you need, so we hope you enjoy shopping and creating Julianne's fabrics!

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KerrynB Designs

bio profile kerrynb designs

Kerryn Egel is the artist and creator behind KerrynB Designs, and the "Nostalgic" and "Paper Garden" fabric collections available on The Textile District. Drawing inspiration from nature (especially flowers), Kerryn describes her style as "somewhere between traditional fine art and folksy with a modern edge." As a self-taught landscape and portrait artist, Kerryn evolved from fine art painting to digital designing from her home in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Patchwork and quilting were the original inspiration for Kerryn's fabric designs, and also creates with home decorating and gifts in mind. Each collection features twelve designs in carefully colorway assortments so you can create unique apparel, quilts and gifts to home decor, including vibrant placemats, table runners, cloth napkins, kitchen towels and more! Every design is digitally stored and available to print on any base fabric you choose. As a final touch, our reactive dyes and eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX® certified process produces beautiful, soft and colorfast fabrics for apparel to home decor! You can also shop her complete fabric collection in our online catalog. In addition to fabric by the yard, each color way assortment is available in Fat Quarter Bundles so that you can sample each colorway for quilting, crafts, and home decorating.

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Kate Blairstone Designs

bio profile kate blairstone

Kate Blairstone creates from her home studio in Portland, Oregon, where her family, kitchen and garden are always within reach. Kate's designs are inspired by the abundant plant life of the Pacific Northwest, Portland's culinary scene, and pattern as an expression of identity, heritage and place.

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Ludmila Linhartova, DJ-V Studio

bio profile ludmila linhartova

Ludmila Linhartova is an artist, textile designer, and trained fashion technologist living in Prague, Czech republic. Ludmila's unique style uses traditional techniques of hand-drawing, painting, and Chinese calligraphy combined with digital elements to create her "WABI SABI" fabric collection which has a "Japandi style" vibe available in rich, neutral colorways suitable for home decor and apparel alike. Ludmila's second collection, called "Blueberry Hill," features eight designs in three exquisite colorways including a high-energy Pink and Red combo (think "Barbiecore" level bright!), a Very Peri purple that is perfect for apparel to home decor and on point for those who love all-things-purple, as well as an elegant Blue and Cream option that is sure to be a perennial favorite! All custom print by the yard on any base fabric you choose, from luxurious cottons to upholstery linens and sturdy canvases for home decor, gifts, and upholstery. We hope you enjoy exploring Ludmila's collections!

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Jennie Hearing, J Luna Design

bio profile jenny hearing

Jenny Hearing is the artist and entrepreneur behind J Luna Design and the "Authenticity" fabric collection available to custom print by the yard on The Textile District. Drawing inspiration from travel, fashion and the outdoors, Jennie's cohesive collections use hand-drawn motifs, found natural objects, photographic imagery, watercolor and digital techniques. Her passion for color and eye for spatial balance are apparent in her designs, which are on-trend, beautiful reflections of the diversity in the surrounding world.

Jennie emerges with 10-years experience designing and running a sustainable children's apparel line, Luna Leggings. Her hand-drawn, nature-inspired designs and color-centric pieces are at the core of the success of the business. Jennie now creates cool, clean, nature-inspired art that transforms into interesting, usable Surface Pattern Design primarily for Fashion, Textiles and Home.

J Luna Design's Authenticity Collection is a beautiful balance of hand-drawn and watercolor techniques, inspired by various environmental biomes, each carefully curated to mix and match, blending Desert, Forest, Tropical, Ocean and Indigo themes.

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Emily Ennulat-Lustine, Ennulat Designs

bio profile emily ennulat

Emily is a printmaker, painter, illustrator, and textile artist behind Ennulat Designs. After majoring in Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute, College of Art and Design, Emily discovered fine art printmaking and has been exhibiting and selling her original collagraphs for over 22 years throughout the northeast.

No matter what medium Emily is working with, nature’s intricate details and earthy palette consistently find their way into her work. Although her fine art always includes patterns and textures as a significant component, her love for beautiful interiors and fabrics has recently introduced her to the textile industry, with gardens, flora and nature at the forefront of her designs. We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping Emily's beautiful floral fabric collections, Helen's Joy and Weslia Garden, on The Textile District!

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Rhonda Fargnoli, Two White Dogs Designs

bio profile rhonda fargnoli

We are excited to introduce Rhonda Fargnoli, the artist and creator behind Two White Dogs Designs! She studied fashion and textile design at Chamberlain School of Design, and has taught art and studio art for more than 20 years. Rhonda's passion for color, fiber and textiles, and desire to help artists began when she was the Director of the Hand Knitting Design Certificate Program at Rhode Island School of Design. Rhonda is sharing her passion for teaching and art with young students at Lincoln School in RI!

Rhonda enjoys painting every day, and loves to hear from clients all over the globe that her designs bring them happiness and joy. This love of color can be seen in her watercolor paintings, and original fabric designs created exclusively for The Textile District. We hope you enjoy Rhonda's vibrant colorways and unique style are perfect for apparel to home decor. We are excited about the endless possibilities you will be able to create using these beautiful fabric bases.

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Shayla Johnson, Scarlet Crane Creations

bio profile shayla johnson

Meet Shayla Johnson, the artist and maker behind Scarlet Crane Creations. Trained in product design at Georgia Tech and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Shayla started Scarlet Crane Creations to create stylish, high-quality products featuring simple watercolor and vector art that is used to create contemporary patterns.

Shayla's unique surface patterns range from free flowing florals to bold abstract texture and geometric patterns to produce stylish and sophisticated collections to serve the handcrafted giftware, home decor and fashion accessory markets.

Scarlet Crane Creations also operates as a dedicated micro-batch textile printing house that specializes in hand-printed fabrics used to create home decor products and lifestyle accessories.

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