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Meet the Designer: Shayla Johnson, Scarlet Crane Creations

Shayla Johnson - Scarlet Crane Creations

Trained in product design at Georgia Tech and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Shayla Johnson started Scarlet Crane Creations to create stylish, high-quality products featuring simple watercolor and vector art that is used to create contemporary patterns. Shayla's unique surface patterns range from free flowing florals to abstract textures in order to produce stylish and sophisticated collections to serve the handcrafted giftware, home decor and fashion accessory markets.

We are excited to show you how easy it is to create beautiful fabrics suitable for home decor to apparel. Simply pick the designs, colors, and fabric types you love, and print to order in the yardage you need!

Not sure where to start? We'll help you choose the perfect fabric for your project at hand -- whether you are looking to sew up a fresh batch of throw pillows or new chair cushions to perk up your patio, brighten your kitchen with new table linens or curtains, restore a well-loved piece of furniture to its original condition, or give your indoor or outdoor living space a completely new look! Our team at The Textile District is here to help!

Every design is digitally stored and available to print on any base fabric you choose. As a final touch, our OEKO-TEX® certified process produces beautiful, soft and colorfast fabrics - including easy-care outdoor polyester and faux polyester linen to a wide range of natural-fiber fabrics that are steamed, washed and dried for selvage-to-selvage quality, ready to sew and enjoy!

If you have a particular color theme in mind, we show you how easy it is to mix and match Shayla's prints and coordinating colorways -- with three carefully curated collections, we have showcased them below or you can SHOP ALL here!

So let's get started! 

Scarlet Crane Creations - "Sunflower Garden" Collection

Scarlet Crane Creations - "Aquamarine" Collection

Scarlet Crane Creations - "Southwest" Collection

How To Order Custom Printed Fabrics:

Each image represents 27" of printed fabric and clicks through to the product page for easy ordering:

  1. Select the base fabric (16+ options)
  2. Choose a color way (click the icon)
  3. Enter the yardage quantity you need
  4. Add to cart to order

As always, if you have a question or need help choosing which base fabric option is best for your project at hand, we are here to help. Please send us a note or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

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