Digital Fabric Printing Basics

The Textile District's digital printing process uses reactive dyes, and each yard we print passes through a state-of-the-art finishing process which produces a beautiful, soft and colorfast fabric that is ready to sew and enjoy!

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The Textile District’s design catalog is digitally stored and always available to custom print on any ground fabric we carry! Our “evergreen” approach ensures the designs you love can be printed on-demand in the quantities you need, and base fabric type that is perfect for your project at hand.

Not sure which fabric is best? We offer a fabric swatch kit with a 5" x 5" unprinted sample of every base fabric we carry to help you pick the best foundation for your specific project needs. We recommend printing one yard samples to confirm which designs, colorways and ground fabric combinations work best for the project at hand.

Our quality assurance team actively manages the production process from start to end to ensure our color and print standards are maintained and results in top quality, durable products that are soft to the touch and hold up with normal washing and wear.

Due to the nature of on-demand printing, you may see slight, but acceptable color variations from one run to another or when printed on different fabric types. When printing on natural fibers, you can expect to see small irregularities in the weave as well as the printed design. These are natural characteristics of these fibers and capture the beauty and woven texture of these natural fabrics.


  • Select a ground fabric option from the drop down menu
  • Choose a colorway
  • Select a measure and enter quantity
  • Add to cart

The price per yard is determined by the ground fabric you choose. 

Volume discounts are available for 20+, 50+ and 100+ yard orders when purchasing fabric designs printed on the same ground fabric.

The Textile District offers additional substrates and finishing options for commercial and hospitality use. 

Contact us if you require assistance placing your order or if you have special order needs. 


Not sure which base fabric is most suitable for your next project?