Digital Fabric Printing Basics

Digital Fabric Printing vs. Traditional Methods

How Fabric Printing Methods Differ

Rotary printing and screen printing are the common traditional fabric printing methods used by fabric manufacturers who print high volume orders. Neither process is as flexible as digital printing nor as eco-friendly, but once a design is approved, the colorways determined, the printing screens manufactured and tested, and the machines are cut loose to print, these processes can churn out thousands of yards of a single pattern and color way in a short period of time.

That's where the economies of scale come in that allow these fabrics to be sold for a much lower price per yard. But these "mass production" methods also require investing in thousands of yards of each colorway option, whether you know it will be popular (or not) -- which makes re-ordering a few yards unfeasible from a cost and logistics perspective.

For the end consumer, once inventory sells out, you may never see more. And even if you do, it most likely won't be soon, and the color accuracy between one dye lot and the next could be inconsistent.

Unlike traditional retailers where fabrics are available in limited quantities until sold out, The Textile District's design catalog is always available to print on demand on any base fabric you choose! Our digital printing process makes sure every design is calibrated and printed on demand in any quantity you need, and prints to order on any base fabric you choose every time! Our eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX® certified process produces soft, vibrant, colorfast fabric by the yard printed to your exact specifications!

Whether you are DIY sewing or home decor enthusiast or small batch manufacturer, professional designer or custom clothier, let The Textile District be your fabric by the yard needs!

Watch our quick video to see how The Textile District custom prints fabric on demand:

Create Your Unique Style With Custom Fabrics for Home Decor to Apparel

The Textile District's print-on-demand process provides unparalleled flexibility to sustainably print the exact yardage you need for every project, large or small! As a final touch, our OEKO-TEX® certified process produce vibrant, soft, and colorfast fabric that is production-ready.

With the diversity of ground fabrics we offer, you can pick any design and print it on the base fabric that is suitable for the climate and time of year... as far in advance as you want! You can even create coordinating accessories for an entire event. We make fabric shopping fun, freeing you to use your imagination to create something that is special and unique to you.

We constantly monitor trends and colors to ensure we bring a fresh new twist to popular favorites, as well as bring new prints and inspiration to the fashion and home textile consumer. We hope you enjoy!


How to Order Custom Print Fabrics:

  • Choose any design from our online catalog.
  • Select a ground fabric option from the drop down menu
  • Choose a colorway
  • Enter the quantity you wish to order
  • Add to cart

The price per yard is determined by the ground fabric you choose. 

Volume discounts are available for 50+, 100+, and 200+ yard orders when purchasing fabric designs printed on the same ground fabric. Discounts are automatically calculated when ordering designs from our Online Fabric Store.

The Textile District offers additional substrates and finishing options for commercial and hospitality use. 

Contact us if you require assistance placing your order or if you have special order needs, and we'll send you instructions for how to upload your designs and place your custom fabric printing order.


Not sure which base fabric is most suitable for your next project?