Valian Collection by Thinkling Creative

Valian Collection by Thinkling Creative

Published by NannetteD on 13th Feb 2023

We are thrilled to introduce Thinkling Creative, the brainchild of Claire a UK-based graphic and surface pattern designer to join us on The Textile District! Following a long career in stationery design, Claire decided to follow her passion of surface pattern design, setting up Thinkling Creative in 2019. Somewhere amid the piles of sketchbooks, Claire has found her own unique style, somewhat abstract, somewhat loose, but always fun!

I always love to know more about each artist and collection. What inspires the designs, colorways, and especially, their naming. Claire was kind enough to share hers: "When I name my collections, I try and use words / people from my local area or places / people that mean something to me. I always feel my designs are a part of me but also a part of what’s around me so it seems fitting to name my collections that way. In this case (“Valian”) the name is made up of a mixture of my family’s names."

The "Valian Collection" features eight patterns in eight fresh, contemporary colorways suitable for apparel, quilting and home decor! Simply choose the patterns and colorways you love, and print on the base fabric to suit your exact project needs. Did you know? The Textile District steams, washes, and dries all natural fiber substrates so that you receive soft, beautiful, and colorfast fabrics that are ready to sew, quilt, craft, and more! If you are looking for knits (hint: swim suits or quick dry and comfy "athleisure" wear), we recommend our Polyester Spandex Knit (4-way stretch). And not to be out done, we also offer Outdoor Polyester so you can create easy care pillows and table top accessories for indoor and outdoor decor!! 

So let's get started! We've showcased every colorway option here, making it easy to see and shop her complete collection in our online fabric catalog >> Shop Fabrics by Thinkling Creative

Victor Stripe - Geometric Fabric

Victor Scatter - Geometric Fabric

Shell Stamp - Geometric Fabric

Oscar Stamp - Geometric Fabric

Fleck Scatter - Geometric Fabric

Fleck Plaid - Geometric Fabric

Fleck Grid - Geometric Fabric

Fizz - Geometric Fabric

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How To Order Fabrics On The Textile District:

Each colorway image represents 27" of printed fabric and clicks through to the product page for easy ordering:

  1. Select a base fabric option from the drop-down menu
  2. Choose a color way (click the icon)
  3. Enter the yardage quantity you need
  4. Add to cart to order

Have Questions? If you need help finding a colorway or choosing the base fabric best suited for your project at hand, please send us a note or give us a call. Our team is available to help!

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