Danielle - Texture Fabric by the Yard in Evergreen Tint

Danielle - Texture Fabric by the Yard

How to Order Custom Printed Fabric:

  • Select Ground Fabric (price adjusts below)
  • Choose Colorway
  • Select Measure (yard or swatch)
  • Enter Quantity and Add to Cart
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The Textile District
The Textile District

”Danielle“ texture fabric pattern custom prints on your choice of 12+ ground fabric options including silk, cotton, polyester and linen for clothing, home decor, quilting and upholstery. Price per yard (or sample) adjusts based on the ground fabric you choose. All fabrics print to order in the U.S.A.

  • Image shown represents 27" of printed fabric
  • Zoom to view with mouse over (or tap on mobile)
  • Select fabric options to view fabric details
  • Choose a color to view and order a color way
  • Select measure (yards or sample)

For best results, we recommend ordering the full yardage required for your project plus any extra buffer you may need to ensure success. Please note that colors may vary in appearance when printed on different base fabric types due to the change in how light reflects off smooth or course textures.

For more information, visit our FAQ page in the About Us section.

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