Blossom Trend Board | Color Story

Blossom Trend Board | Color Story

Published by Nannette D on 24th Feb 2019

Inspired by the National Cherry Blossom Festival held every Spring in Washington D.C., our "Blossom" color story echoes the feelings of tranquility and peace created by the abundance of delicate pink blossoms during their peak blooming season. Blossom Pink, when coupled with misty greens and accents of rose and gold, create a beautiful palette for home decorating, apparel, and more!

At The Textile District, you get to choose the designs and colorways you love, and custom print them by the yard on the base fabrics you need! With ground fabric options ranging from tissue weight cotton silk voile to upholstery weight linen and cotton velvet, you get to create the perfect fabric to refresh your home decor, reupholster your favorite furniture, decorate a nursery, or create beautiful apparel and decor for weddings and special events.

If you don't see a color you need in a design you love,  send us a note!  

Blossom Color Story: Featured Designs and Color Ways

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