La Douceur Fabric Collection by Zohra Designs

La Douceur Fabric Collection by Zohra Designs

Published by NannetteD on 1st Jul 2023

Join us in welcoming Zohra Gaad, the artist and painter behind Zohra Designs and the "La Douceur" collection now available on The Textile District! This beautiful collection is available in three colorways, so whether you prefer bold and vibrant tones, soft and soothing hues, or something in between, "La Douceur" has it all!

As a designer, Zohra's artistic style is influenced by a variety of sources, mostly from the natural world. Her experiences as a fashion illustrator and fine artist helped Zohra develop a keen eye for detail and a passion for combining color, pattern, and texture to create unique and visually striking designs that are perfect for any project, but most particularly fine apparel and home decor.

Each design in the "La Douceur" collection features Zohra's unique painterly style, and is offered in three colorway options (shown below)! Choose your favorites and print to order on the base fabrics most suitable for your project at hand, from apparel to home decor!

So let's Get Started!

Designing in Color: "Pink Summer" Colorway

Focus on soft pinks and magenta with accents in blush, teal, ivory, and delicate greens.

Designing in Color: "Rose Gold Sand" Colorway

Focus on warm tans, soft coral, and buttery cream with accents in rosy pinks and soft blues.

Designing in Color: "Holiday Velvet" Colorway

Focus on rich magenta, deep purple/blue, and buttery yellows with accents in blush pink, ivory, and gold.

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How To Order Custom Printed Fabrics on The Textile District

Each image represents 27" of printed fabric and clicks through to the product page for easy ordering:

  1. Select the base fabric for your project at hand
  2. Choose the color way you wish to print (click the icon)
  3. Enter the yardage quantity you need
  4. Add to cart to order

As always, if you have a question or need help choosing which base fabric option is best for your project at hand, we are here to help. Please send us a note or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!

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