Meet the Designer: Ludmila Linhartova

Meet the Designer: Ludmila Linhartova

Published by NannetteD on 6th Aug 2021

Join us in welcoming Ludmila Linhartova, the artist behind DJ-V Studio, and newest textile designer to join us on The Textile District!

Ludmila has always been passionate about fashion, textile materials and crafts and decoration. She decided to study fashion design, and graduated in 2010 from the College of Fashion in Jablonskeho, Prague, Czech Republic, and earned her Masters in Education in 2015. Shortly after graduation, Ludmila discovered that fabrics and prints were her biggest love. She worked as a fashion technologist for almost 8 years, and was always focused on fabrics, their appearance and characteristics.

"I would spend hours and hours browsing through tons of fabric samples and couldn't get enough! Now I have the luck to design my own fabrics, and I am giving to the process all my passion. I am trying to bring my feelings and thoughts through using very traditional techniques of hand drawing and hand painting such as charcoal and pen draw or Chinese ink calligraphy. The beauty of nature and the possibility of gentle human touch are my biggest inspiration for designing."

"I am definitely influenced by the Czech textile design style of 50´s and 60´s (1958 Brussels World’s Fair) with Antonin Kybal as the most famous person of Czechoslovak textile design and by traditional fibre crafting techniques from Middle Europe area such as embroideries and blue-prints of national folk costumes from 18-19th century."

Based on Japanese traditional hand ink paintings with digital elements, Ludmila's first collection named "WABI-SABI" is ideal for indoor and outdoor decor and upholstery to apparel, quilting, and more! Each design prints to order on any base fabric you choose, so you can create the perfect fabric for your exact project needs, large or small! We've presented the collection by color palette to illustrate how beautifully they mix and match!

So let's get started!!

Decorating with Color: Warm Neutrals

Beige, cream, olive green and honey palette adds a dash of pattern and color.

Decorating with Color: Blue and Grey

Soft blues and warm grey create a calming, serene palette for indoor and outdoor decor.

Decorating with Color: Cayenne Spice

Warm up your neutral palette with spicy shades of terracotta, burnt red and warm brown.

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How To Order Custom Printed Fabrics:

Each image represents 27" of printed fabric and clicks through to the product page for easy ordering:

  1. Select the base fabric (16+ options)
  2. Choose a color way (click the icon)
  3. Enter the yardage quantity you need
  4. Add to cart to order

As always, if you have a question or need help choosing which base fabric option is best for your project at hand, we are here to help. Please send us a note or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!

Not sure which base fabric is most suitable for your next project?