Designer Program

Looking to sell your art as custom printed fabric by the yard? We invite you to join The Textile District, a platform that enables you, the textile designer, to take advantage of the efficiencies of digital printing to launch your designs as quickly as your inspiration flows! Our OEKO-TEX® certified process and on-demand printing eliminates the limitations, long lead times and significant financial investment that traditional printing processes and retail channels require!

Steps To Get Started

1: Let's Talk. To respect the rights of all artists, it is important to not send us any artwork or images of your work until we have a signed agreement in place. While each artist's work is unique, there may be times where a common source of inspiration may result in similar designs. To get started, please send us a note through the form below and let's set up a time to chat!

2: The Contract. We will send you full details about the Designer Program, which will include the development process, information about the commission structure, and other important details.

3: Starter Kit. To get you started, we will provide you with samples of our unprinted ground fabrics, plus detailed information about how to submit your designs, and our development process.  

As a participant in The Textile District’s Designer Program, we will showcase you and your work on our site, and collaborate with you to support your collections not only through social media and blog posts, but also with a Designer Profile introducing you to The Textile District community.

We will ask you to provide a bio about yourself that highlights what inspires you in order to build the groundwork for your Designer Profile. Your profile page and dedicated blog posts can then be linked to and from your social media accounts, as well as any other noncommercial sites where you promote your work.

Meet The Professionals Who Work With Us

Learn more about the artists and design professionals who work with The Textile District, and explore their background, inspiration, and unique approach to color, design and style! 

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