What Makes Us Different

Custom print the perfect fabric for every project, large or small! Each design, ours or yours, prints to order in the USA to your exact specifications!

The Textile District’s eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX® certified process and colorfast and fiber reactive dyes ensure excellent print clarity, vibrant colors and soft finish. All natural fiber substrates are steamed, washed and dried. All fabrics print to order in the USA, and are production ready — for apparel, home decor, upholstery/furniture restoration, and more!

Our ground fabrics are specifically selected to complement our high quality standards and exceptional digital printing and finishing technology to ensure customer satisfaction with the end products produced with our fabrics!

Creating Project Perfect Fabrics

Whether you prefer to do-it-yourself or hire a professional, The Textile District's on-demand custom fabric printing and evergreen design catalog are the perfect combination for your project at hand! 

Our quality assurance team actively manages the production process from start to end to ensure our color and print standards are maintained and results in top quality, durable products that are soft to the touch and hold up with normal washing and wear. Here is a sampling of the projects you can make with our custom printed fabrics:

  • Apparel for Adults, Kids and Babies
  • Gifts and Accessories
  • Face Masks and Face Coverings (non medical grade)
  • Home Decor and Interior Design
  • Indoor / Outdoor Furnishings
  • Custom Cushions and Throw Pillows
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Small Batch Manufacturing
  • Quilting
  • Special Events
  • Bridal and Formal Wear
  • Hospitality and Commercial

If you have questions or need assistance please email us or give our team a call: 704-814-0712

How To Order Custom Fabrics from The Textile District

  1. Choose your design. Each thumbnail image in our online catalog represents 27" of printed fabric to illustrate the scale of the design when printed by the yard.
  2. Choose your base fabric. Please refer to the Our Fabrics page for fabric specifications. Price per printed yard adjusts based on the fabric you choose.
  3. Enter the yardage quantity you need. All fabrics are printed as continuous yardage on the substrates you choose.
  4. Add to cart to order.

Not Sure Which Fabric is Most Suitable for Your Project?

Our ground fabric sample swatch kit includes a 5" x 5" unprinted sample of the base fabrics we carry to help you pick the best fabric for your specific project needs, from apparel and fashion accessories to home decor, upholstery, quilting, and more!

If you need a specific substrate not listed here, give us a call! We also offer ground fabrics and custom finishing options for hospitality and commercial use!

About Our Process

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