What Makes Us Different

Unlike traditional retail stores where fabric collections are available in limited quantities until sold out, The Textile District collaborates with our customers to deliver quality-printed fabrics on demand to best suit the many requirements of your project at hand! We uphold a constant standard of quality, reliability, and luxury in all of our products, which ensures a speed to market with beautiful new designs and colors that are unparalleled by others in the marketplace.

All fabrics custom print to your specifications! You get to choose the designs, colorways and ground fabrics you love, and print to order the quantities you need! Our fabrics are digitally printed using reactive dyes, and our eco-friendly OEKO-TEX certified process produces vibrant, soft and colorfast fabric by the yard that is steamed, washed and dried, and rolled flat on a tube so there are no folds or creases to iron out or work around! You receive a selvage-to-selvage quality-printed colorfast fabric that is ready to sew and enjoy!

Create Project Perfect Fabrics

  • Apparel for adults and children
  • Gifts and Accessories
  • Home Decor and Custom Cushions
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Small Batch Manufacturing
  • Heirloom Quilting
  • Special Events
  • Bridal and Forwal Wear
  • Hospitality and Commercial Needs

If you have questions or need assistance please email us or give our team a call during normal business hours: 704-814-0712

Our Printing Process

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