Bayan Collection By Thinkling Creative

Bayan Collection By Thinkling Creative

Published by NannetteD on 6th Sep 2023

Introducing the Bayan Collection by Thinkling Creative! With this fun collection, you get to immerse yourself in colors and patterns that are bursting with energy and positivity! Eight "retro-inspired" geometric patterns in eight wonderfully curated colorways, each showcased by color theme to illustrate how beautifully they mix and match. And, like every design on The Textile District, you get to custom print any design and colorway on any base fabric you choose for upholstery to apparel!

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Rust Color Story | Bayan Collection

Perfect for adding a pop of seasonal color to your indoor or outdoor living space, the Rust colorway assortment harmoniously blends hues of pumpkin orange and brick red to create a warm, inviting, and earthy aesthetic. These two rich and complementary colors come together to form a striking and cozy balance suitable for home decor to fashion.

Sherbert Color Story | Bayan Collection

This refreshing colorway is a playful combination of colors inspired by the sweet and fruity dessert we love to enjoy on hot summer days. A soft pastel blue is a cool complement to the bright citrusy hues of lemon yellow, sherbet orange, lime green, and raspberry pink. All perfect for apparel to quilts, decor, and more!

Forest Color Story | Bayan Collection

The soft, muted green-gray of this sage green palette brings a hint of vintage charm to this earthy monochromatic colorway. The combination of subtle, silvery hues of forest plants is a tranquil reminder of a serene forest, perfect for a wide range of home decor projects and decorative accessories.

Mono / Black & White Color Story | Bayan Collection

This monochromatic colorway in black, gray, and white offers a sophisticated and timeless palette that is versatile and elegant. Ideal for apparel to home decor, this neutral combination works effortlessly to create a range of elegant and modern design options.

Nautical Color Story | Bayan Collection

This "nautical" themed collection in rich navy, vibrant red, and white captures the timeless and classic maritime aesthetic associated with the sea, sailing, and coastal living. This versatile color theme is perfect to evoke a sense of adventure, tradition, and maritime charm in apparel to quilts, upholstery, curtains, and holiday decor!

Ocean Color Story | Bayan Collection

The signature color in the Ocean color theme is a luxurious and deep teal, which represents the enchanting depths of the ocean. This rich and soothing hue evokes a sense of calm and tranquility which can be used for larger pieces, such as upholstery or curtains, to create a lush and sophisticated backdrop as well as for quilts, and home decor or fashion accessories.

Peony Color Story | Bayan Collection

If there's one colorway that jumps out and grabs our attention, it's hyper pink! Its vibrant and electrifying presence instantly adds a playful touch to any project, including quilts, home decor, and apparel (including Barbie-inspired Halloween costumes!)

Regal Color Story | Bayan Collection

The lush, saturated tones in the Regal color scheme features magenta/fuchsia, golden yellow, and bright turquoise. Each design custom print in this high-energy colorway are perfect for home decor, apparel, and more!

How To Order Custom Printed Fabrics:

Images represent 27" of printed fabric, and thumbnails shown are optimized for page speed. Our print files are all high-resolution (300 dpi) to ensure exceptional print quality and vibrant colors:

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  2. Choose a color way (click the icon)
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As always, if you have a question or need help choosing which base fabric option is best for your project, our team of textile experts are here to help. Please send us a note or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

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