Domino Trend Board | Color Story

Domino Trend Board | Color Story

Published by Nannette D on 7th Aug 2016

Hands down, Black and White is the all-time winner for the most classic and elegant color scheme. It is chic, yet always friendly, and guaranteed to never go out of style! You can go full on monochrome, or add a dash of color. In this color story, we've blended in Ochre for it's brightness, richness and energy.

For those who are in pursuit of a minimalist wardrobe, black is one of the ideal base colors to build on. Other neutrals include navy, brown or khaki, but black is my personal favorite. Almost anything goes with it, and it’s a solid foundation.

Our editors pulled together the “Domino” Collection to illustrate how you can combine The Textile District fabric designs to compliment a Black & White palette for apparel or home decor. When custom printed on silk, cotton, Scuba polyester or Belgian linen, each of these fabric designs would be stunning made up as dresses, skirts, blouses or jackets. Or, if you are looking to spruce up your home, you could print them on Belgian linen, cotton duck, sail cloth or cotton velvet and create gorgeous decorative pillows, curtains, bed linens, table settings, chair covers and so much more.

Each design collection is available in alternate color ways, so we hope this feature fuels your creativity. Explore and enjoy The Textile District.

Domino Trend Board: Featured Designs and Color Ways

Not sure which base fabric is most suitable for your next project?