Neutral Trend Board | Color Story

Neutral Trend Board | Color Story

Published by Nannette D on 6th Nov 2016

Everyone loves neutrals. For fashion to home decor, neutrals alone can make a unique personal statement or set the mood of a room. But neutrals do their best work when partnered with an accent: a bit of shimmer, a textured print or splash of dynamic color.

Whether gray, tan, linen or even black, neutral palettes are anything but boring! Couple a warm palette with marigold, poppy, salmon and scarlet to add a spark of energy. If you prefer a neutral palette that leans towards gray, bring in cool shades of pink to purple to add style and personality to a room or outfit.

Each featured design in this color story is available in alternate color ways, so we hope this feature fuels your imagination and inspires creativity. We invite you to explore our evergreen collection of  fabric designs!

Neutrals Trend Board: Featured Designs and Color Ways

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