Picnic Trend Board | Color Story

Picnic Trend Board | Color Story

Published by Nannette D on 29th Mar 2019

Are you itching to update your home but hesitate because you are unsure how to use color or mix and match prints? Our "Picnic" color story offers you some ideas to get you started!

Each of the featured designs and colorways in this bright and cheery collection custom print on any ground fabric you choose, letting you create fabric by the yard for coordinating pillows, chair cushions, and curtains to slipcovers and upholstery! With digital fabric printing, you can start with fabrics for one project, and come back and print soft, colorfast fabrics for the next project at hand! If you need help deciding which fabric is best,  feel free to contact us!

Decorating with Color: "Picnic" Color Story

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