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Welcome to The Textile District, your premier online fabric retailer and digital fabric printing hub located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since our establishment in 2012, we have been dedicated to meeting the custom fabric printing requirements of a diverse clientele, including professional designers, bridal wear and custom clothiers, small batch manufacturers, special event planners, and DIY sewing enthusiasts, as well as those passionate about interior design and hobbies.

Our extensive online catalog, coupled with our on-demand printing process, forms the ultimate solution for your fabric printing needs. Count on us for unmatched flexibility, allowing you to print fabrics sustainably in precisely the yardage you require, whether your project is large or small. To add a final flourish, our process is certified by OEKO-TEX®, resulting in vibrant, soft, and colorfast fabric that is ready for production.

With us, you have the freedom to select any design—either from our collection or your own—and have it printed on a base fabric suitable for the climate and season. You can plan as far in advance as you wish, even creating coordinating accessories for entire events. Our goal is to make fabric shopping an enjoyable experience, empowering you to unleash your creativity and craft something uniquely special to you.

We are dedicated to staying ahead of trends and color palettes, ensuring that we continually infuse a fresh perspective into popular favorites. Additionally, we regularly introduce new prints and design inspirations to cater to the needs of both fashion and home textile enthusiasts. We hope you find our offerings enjoyable and inspiring! Explore The Textile District today.

Exploring Fabric Printing: The Textile District's Digital Process vs. Traditional Methods

In a world where traditional fabric printing methods have long held sway, The Textile District emerges as a beacon of reliability, sustainability, and top-notch quality. But what sets us apart?

Traditional fabric printing methods, like rotary and screen printing, have been the mainstay for high-volume orders. While effective, they can't quite measure up to the flexibility and eco-friendliness of our digital printing process.

In the traditional realm, a complex sequence unfolds: design approval, colorway selection, screen production, rigorous testing, and machine setup—leading to mass production of thousands of yards in a single pattern and colorway, all in record time. This economy of scale translates to lower prices per yard, but it also mandates the commitment to thousands of yards of each colorway, irrespective of popularity. If the design or colorway isn't popular, you end up with a tremendous amount of waste (dead stock, inventory investment). If the design is a hit, you are still faced with the opposite challenge: reordering a few yards becomes a logistical and cost challenge.

For consumers, this often means limited availability, with no assurance of restocking once inventory depletes. Even if restocked, the color consistency between different dye lots may waver.

Now, enter The Textile District's groundbreaking digital printing process. Our design catalog is ever-ready for on-demand printing on your chosen base fabric. With our digital printing, each design is meticulously calibrated and printed in your desired quantity, on the base fabric you prefer. Better yet, our process is eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX® certified, delivering soft, vibrant, and colorfast fabric by the yard—customized to your precise specifications.

Whether you're a DIY sewing enthusiast, a home decor connoisseur, a small-batch manufacturer, a professional designer, or a bespoke clothier, The Textile District is your ultimate source for fabric by the yard. Step into the future of fabric printing today!

Discover the magic of our custom fabric printing on demand by watching our quick video.

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