Nursery Rhymes in Blue | Color Story

Nursery Rhymes in Blue | Color Story

Published by Nannette D on 21st Feb 2020

Are your looking to decorate a baby nursery or upgrade a room into a "big kid space" for your toddler, but commercial "off-the-shelf" options leave you flat? Our suggestion: find a design you love, and build your room around it! Our blog is full of ideas to help you create a cheerful and bright environment that your child (and you) will adore!

Not sure where to start? Child development experts encourage the use of high contrast colors and prints when designing for newborns. When paired with bright colors, it is no surprise that the popularity of black and white extends to room decor, bedding and baby clothing to visually stimulating soft toys, play mats, baby quilts, and more! Not only is a Black and White color scheme stylish and chic, it's also a perfect way to keep baby's gender a secret! Simply start with a monochrome foundation, and build on it as you go! Including upgrading your infant's room to a "big kid space" in a few short years!

Turquoise blue pairs beautifully with bright orange, pink and yellow color accents, and creates a versatile platform suitable for little boys and girls alike! If you love or your little one loves pink, be sure to check out our "Nursery Rhymes in Pink" color story for more design and color options to mix and match.

As always, if you have a question or need help choosing which base fabric option is best for your project at hand, we are here to help. Please send us a note or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

So let's get started!!

Decorating with Color: Nursery Rhymes in Blue

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