Nursery Rhymes in Pink | Color Story

Nursery Rhymes in Pink | Color Story

Published by Nannette D on 29th Oct 2019

Sophisticated and chic, Black and White is one of the most elegant and flexible color schemes for home decor. When coupled with bright colors, it's no surprise that its popularity extends to baby gifts, accessories, and nursery decor! Black and White is also a top choice reinforced by child development experts who encourage the use of high contrast colors and prints when designing for newborns - from room decor, bedding, and baby clothing to visually stimulating soft toys, play mats, quilts, and more!

Want to keep baby's gender a secret?? You can start with a monochrome foundation, and build on it as you go! 

To help get you started, our first color story combines bright pink, black and gray to kick off our series on nursery room decor. If you see a design you love, but the palette is not a good fit for your needs, be sure to check out the additional colorways available in our catalog! If you need help, please  send us a note!

So let's get started!!

Decorating with Color: Nursery Rhymes in Pink

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